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King David, Sweatpants and letting things go.

March 26, 2015

There is a story in the Bible ( 2 Sam 11 )  where King David totally get’s super sketch city. In a nutshell, he sleeps with His friends wife, knocks her up, finagles her husbands murder and then when it’s all said in done gets super rebuked by the the prophet Nathan. If you know anything about King David, his affair with Bathsheba follows his life from that point on and it’s kind of like his MAIN mess up. I…

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Current Rumblings – Have Mercy

February 18, 2015

I wrote this song in the last part of 2014. I have sat on it for weeks hoping that God would change the lyrics and then I heard Peter Scazzero say that,  at times you have to lead from your brokenness. So here we find ourselves and the lyrics have stayed the same. This song has been a bit of my silent anthem in this season where the name of Jesus is closer to me than ever before, where life…

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The Pause

January 30, 2015

* This year ( 2015 ) I will be posting the lessons I have learned as I’ve journeyed through Genesis. This is Post #1 based on Genesis Chapter 1. ——————— Creation was seven days of awesome. Seven days filled with beautiful rest preceded by spectacular jaw dropping solar systems being spoken into existence. Seven days filled with light and darkness separating and mountains and seas finding their way through the vastness of a brand new earth. Oh to have been…

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