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It’s Only Tuesday

August 30, 2016

Monday met me face on and I spent the entire day covered in an extra hot americano that left my pants stained and my car smelling like coffee.  I bounced back because that’s what I do and I fought the day with a good attitude. This morning I woke up, and stopped by my favorite spot to grab my team breakfast. The morning was looking like fabulous, unlike Monday. But just as I sat down to start my day and…

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Wake up

August 24, 2016

It’s almost 7:30am and my alarm is about to go off. The problem is I’ve been sitting in this starbucks since 6am, so it’s now a bit useless. You should know that this isn’t my usual morning routine but when God wakes me up I’ve learned to just get up and do whatever He asks. I initially thought I’d get up, make myself a coffee and sit on my couch and read my new Lisa Bevere book but not this…

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It’s Black & White

August 19, 2016

When you’re a kid justice looks a lot like revenge. Of course it should look like this because when you’re a kid processing injustice is a hard thing to navigate. I have found in my life justice has been something I’ve always fought for. Whether it was fighting bullies in elementary school to fighting sex traffickers in my 20’s, justice in some form or another has always been a goal. But, if I’m completely transparent I’d have to admit that…

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