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Believe The Best

November 1, 2016

Super honest moment… Maybe its a cultural thing but I never usually believe the best. In most of life’s situations my initial thoughts are usually bad. If I’m sick, I webMD the mother out of my symptoms and immedietly think I am dying. If my husbands late from work and not answering his cell, I immediately start to panic and start wondering what life would look like without him. I will be 30 minutes into a dramatic HOW WILL I…

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the Good, the Best, the Kerri Weems

October 9, 2016

I am big fan of mentors and some form of attaching yourself to wisdom. Especially as a follower of Jesus, we must always keep at the forefront that following is an action, and becoming better is a have to. So at 24 years old I attached myself to Kerri Weems. Not in a weird stalker way but in a, “God, I see that she loves you and is doing it better than me, so I’m going to do my best…

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My Personal Survival Strategy

September 24, 2016

Love Jesus. You won’t survive your life without Him.  – Dulce Maria Bosque , Sept. 24, 2014 It’s been two years to the day. Two years since I heard my grandmothers voice, held her in my arms and kissed her beautiful face. It seems like only yesterday we were together laughing about selfies and her lovingly giving me life advice. But as I sit today an reflect on the loss I am thankful. It may sound weird but there is…

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