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September 30, 2018

* found this post from 2017’s #Lessonsfrom36 and it is still true, still profound, and still an important perspective – “There is POWER in your POSTURE.” – Elaine Owens In my early years of ministry and life I blamed people, circumstance and everything else for whatever bad situations I stumbled into. Sadly, my response to all of those things was negative and disrespectful, and dishonoring. So as years past I changed my RESPONSE, I became flexible. My defensive and hostile…

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016: The Lighthouse

September 28, 2018

In episode sixteen, Chari continues the TOP 10 journey by talking about the lighthouse you need in life. Get ready for a super honest conversation, occasional coughing, a weird pause with the cat and some chats about grit and how we all need some.…

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September 21, 2018

Life is made up of key choices. Most will be mundane, but others will mold you, direct you, and be with you forever. So that’s why its so important that you can discern what hills to die on, what things to say yes and no to, and what decisions really won’t matter in the end. This will be a bigger post and probably a podcast episode, but for today lets just talk through the hard yes’. I’ll use my work…

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