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Nomad - The Book


November 15, 2018

Here’s a throwback just in case anyone out there needs any encouragement and insight on how to TRUST God in the good and the bad. xo Chari…

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019: The Special Sauce – Part 2

November 9, 2018

In episode nineteen, Chari continues the TOP 10 journey with part two of a two-part episode. In part two we will be talking about the special sauce that you need in your life that has the power to elevate you or separate you from the very people you’re called to love. Get ready for a super honest conversation on the three things that should define your passions as kingdom and the three things that won’t.…

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The Documentary

November 8, 2018

I love to write, I love my church, and I secretly always wanted to be part of a documentary. This month my church home turned twenty and for last few months my team has been doing what I always hoped for, producing the story of our church. I’m super proud of this project because I know what it took to compile the footage, I watched one of the greatest sit for days on end editing and shifting, and I saw…

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