Weird Dreams

May 22, 2012

I have the weirdest dreams.

A couple years ago I dreamt I went running with Pastor Kerri and she was wearing her infamous brown knee high boots. I wondered in the dream why she had boots on and if she was uncomfortable and she encouraged me to keep running the race and that at times it would get uncomfortable. I know, super cheesy. But it’s the truth. I woke up feeling encouraged and laughed all day that God would use something so simple to encourage me.

[highlight] Side Note: God talking to me in dreams isn’t the norm. [/highlight]


Last year I had a dream I went bike riding with Lisa Bevere. She was ofcourse riding her Ninja and I was on a fixie. In the dream she kept riding circles around me making sure I was coming along. I remember feeling discouraged because I couldn’t go as fast and that my bike wasn’t as cool. She reminded me I’d get there and that a Ninja wasn’t for everyone. With her helmet on and visor pulled up she explained riding the Ninja took skill and speed and I just wasn’t there yet. I woke up super confused.

Last Night I went joy riding with Christine Caine in a blue mini. I am not even kidding that I woke up this morning totally freaked out about these dreams and laughing that this continues to happen. In my dream she encouraged me and gave me life advice, not gonna lie it was pretty cool. I was reminded God’s timing is perfect and to keep moving forward towards the promises I know to be mine — and in the queen’s English she said, “Don’t forget to remember nothing is Impossible with God.” 🙂

It’s not a coincidence that since my dream with Pastor Kerri that she has poured into my life while I’ve run the race. It’s hilarious to me that when it has gotten uncomfortable that her words and life have been a constant source of peace. It’s not random that in the last year Lisa Bevere’s texts have been like mini-circles that keep me focused in times where I’ve been discouraged or felt like I wasn’t moving forward. And well…Christine Caine telling me to press on and look past my current fears while driving me around in a mini…not sure where that comes in but I’m sure it’ll come to me at some point.

So happy God loves me enough to invade my dreams.

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  • Reply Lea M. Sims May 22, 2012 at 2:08 pm

    This is flat-out hilarious and amazing. How incredible is it that you have these dreams filled with powerful women of God? The only thing I’ve ever had that remotely came close to this was a dream I had a day or two after a Beth Moore conference. I was in a salon chair waiting to have my hair cut when suddenly Beth Moore was behind me and she was giving me a Southern girl “tease.” She kept telling me my hair wasn’t “big enough” and I needed to stop worrying about what people think and “go bigger.” She gave me an enormous behive and slapped a red bow on the front. I chose to interpret this as a message about fear and risk, but I have often contempleted whether a literal respone may have been warranted…LOL

    Love this, girl!


  • Reply Susan Cagle May 22, 2012 at 5:25 pm

    Charise, that was a great dream! I’d like to just be able to remember my dreams! I have thought about it before. The Holy Spirit never sleeps! I have been praying before in my sleep and woke my husband up. I think it is all very cool,just what you said that God loves us enough to invade our dreams!

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