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#WCW | Dianne Wilson

December 6, 2017

If someone asked me who my spiritual mother was I’d immediately say the brilliant and wise, Kerri Weems. No doubt! She is who calls me out, speaks into my life, and she is of course, my Pastor. Having a strong female voice in my life has always been important to me as my Grandmother and Mother have both been such incredible influences in my life. So I covet, pursue and stalk amazing women who I know I can glean from. So today I’d like to highlight Pastor Dianne Wilson. She’s spoken at our annual SHINE CONFERENCE several times and she is totally one of my favorite humans. If I can just choose a spiritual Godmother, she would be it.  If you don’t follow Pastor Di on her blog or social, you should. She’s incredible and her heart for woman and the next generation is HUGE.

Here is an epic post she did recently that really blessed me called, KEEP GOING.

you can also check out her blog/resources at

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