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February 15, 2012

I am 30, and my gray hair is coming in with a vengeance. Not sure when I grew up, but it happened. I look back and God has brought me through some major things! All I can say as I sit here on my EPIC, SUPER COMFY couch is that I am thankful for the life I am privileged to live.

I thought it would be cool to document my last 10 years in some kind of way because the last 10 years have been so off the chain … I have walked through triumph and tears, I married my husband, started my business and Fast21, wrote a book, met the people who changed my life forever, and most importantly met God FOR REAL — then I realized I already documented it

This is a trip and a half — I’ve compiled 10 songs 2002-2012. Songs I never released, most are demos — ( Side-note: I released, Who I Am in 2010 and you can purchase it on Itunes) The urge to do more with this whole music thing has come and gone but I’ve come to the realization that life seemed to have a different path for me. And I am okay with that — BUT I still wish I could release the songs some how.. so here are some of the songs from the last 10 years …. Undone & UnfinishedFREE DOWNLOAD

Song list
1. What if – The EP (2002)
2. Just A thought – Live at Murray Hill (2003)
3. Satisfy My Soul – The Rough Demos (2004)
4. Fly Me Away – An Acoustic Effort EP (2005)
5. Rescue – Most Days (2007)
6. Delante de ti – Unfinished (2008)
7. Holy – Who I Am (2009/10)
8. And Yet – The Demos (2010)
9. Stand Still – The Demos (2011)
10. Lovely – Upcoming Untitled Acoustic EP (2012)


  • Reply Ericka Smith February 22, 2012 at 8:50 pm

    I just wanted to let you know your music has been such a blessing in my life. These songs are amazing. Not to mention your voice! One of my favorites is “Holy”. It keeps me reminded that God is still there when I don’t think He is. Through the songs you’ve helped write at Celebration and these here that you never published…you’ve put out a lasting impact on my life.

    • Reply Chari February 22, 2012 at 8:57 pm

      Awe thanks love. You are quite a big deal and I am honored you like the music, and that it has impacted you. 🙂

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