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October 5, 2018

By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures. Proverbs 24:3-4

I can’t sleep.

Maybe it’s because in a few hours we will be closing on our new home, and the chapter i’ve been living in is closing and a new one is appearing with a lightening quickness. Maybe it’s because everything I know in my life and work has gone under these incredible beautiful changes and i’m still processing it’s magnitude.

Either way, I’m up.

Sleep you have eluded me again, but for some odd reason my soul still feels rested, at peace, and ready to step into whatver the NEXT may bring. It’s funny, mornings like this usually lead me to look back, process and assess how far I’ve come. When I was young and in minstry I thought I had to make things happen, build my platform, network and put myself in the right rooms. But the older I get and the more God builds my home, expands my understanding and fills my life with HIs treasures I find that the only thing I need to do is remain still and focused on His goodness.

Not sure who is out there this morning ( or whenever you find this post ) but stop trying to make things happen…

// There will never be a platform YOU make that will have the kingdom longevity you desire.

// There will never be enough success or things attained that will fill you up with peace

// You don’t need to do it all now, God’s timing is perfect, and when “it” happens you will have the character and grit to sustain whatver”it” is

I’m not saying don’t work hard and be wise with what you have, I’m saying if God isn’t really the one guiding you through, then at the end of all of your man made success you’ll feel empty, lost, and alone. At 28 I’d acheived everything I’d ever asked God for, EVERYTHING! And I was the most unhappy, the most alone, the most broken. It was only when I stopped asking him to make my dreams come true and instead surrendering my life to what His dream was for me was that I found peace, and I found true happiness. The world will tell you if you want to be an influencer you will have to work for it, But i’ve found the more I attach myself to the GREATEST influence, my life becomes more influential.

So pretty much, in a nut shell, all i’m trying to say is your followers in the digital world don’t make you influential, the way you follow Jesus in the real world makes you influential. Just choose wisely what world you are building for, what legacy you want to leave. Is it kingdom, or is it temporal.

( * for more on following well and living with a kingdom mindset check out the podcast episode 006: The one about following well & episode 007: The One about the Kingdom )

that’s really all I got, love you wierdos,



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