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June 28, 2016

I started reading the book of Isaiah FOR REAL in late 2014. I say for real because all the times I’d attempted to study it before I immaturely skimmed through it. I never really understood how something so ancient could be relevant; so in response those pages always remained pristine and you would have never known I’d of read them in any fashion. But in late 2014 my life came to a screeching halt. Loss and disappointment met me face on and the manner of alone in which I was experiencing was unbearable. In my despair I began to ask God for some kind of reprieve. I felt like everything I did that usually brought me solace was no longer working and in total desperation I opened my Bible and said,  ” God I’ll do and read whatever, you tell me! Just speak to me!!” In that moment, I heard that whisper that I so longed for say, “Isaiah.”

The next year He walked me through disappointment & loss through this book & He gave me fresh encouragement along the way.

In Chapter 5 He asked me to STOP & REST and then He preceded to teach me how.

Chapter 18 He reminded me that He was IN CONTROL.

Chapter 20 He taught me how to be cautious of my steps and vulnerable with wisdom.

Chapter 22 He reminded He was with me all along.

Chapter 25 He encouraged me, and reminded me that HE RESTORES the RUINS.

Chapter 30 He hears me, and that He will answer in Grace.

Chapter 32  He is & will always be my relief

Chapter 35 He revives desolate places & JOY will be found

Chapter 36 The Enemy speaks my language, Learn to be AWARE of what I ingest.

Chapter 41  Silence + Patience allows strength to be regained

Chapter 43 He knows what I am walking through, He sees where I am going, His words will always find me.

Chapter 44 Don’t be afraid

Chapter 45 Restoration is ongoing

Chapter 48  I am NAMED, CHOSEN + I have a PURPOSE

Chapter 49  Every trial is a building block that is building and forming my LEGACY

Chapter 52  His timing is perfect

Chapter 58 Speak life

Chapter 63 Endurance births character

and on July 21, 2015 I ended the book with

Chapter 66 don’t forget that God uses the HUMBLE, the BROKEN & those WITHOUT FEAR … I have HELD YOU, CARRIED YOU, NOURISHED YOU, and COMFORTED YOU.

Not sure where you find yourself today or if you have by passed ancient scriptures because you ( like me ) felt it was irrelevant. But know that God wants to speak to you, and it may take an entire year for Him to breakdown every revelation that He needs you to embrace. But know this, it’s worth the journey, it’s worth the heartache, and use sharpie highlighters, they are the best.


xo Chari



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