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July 3, 2017

I wrote a book. Like with chapters, one-liners, life lessons and everything. Why? Because what I walked through and what God revealed to me in 2015 was so life-changing that I HAD to pass it on. I assumed it would be a series of blog posts but as I began to write one post it turned into five posts, and before I knew it, I’d written my first chapter. I spent the the last 16 months writing and crying and writing and this past February I completed it. It’s called Beautiful Captivity, lessons lived and learned in exile. My hope is to release it in early 2018 as its currently going through the editing process. Its all a bit scary and overwhelming. And if you follow my blog or Instagram at all you know in real life I’m not one to overly share my personal life, as my worst nightmare is when strangers who know too much about me and then say weird things to me in public. #IntrovertProblems

My hope will always be that my life and this message will impact and influence people, and that prayer will always outweigh my fear of sharing my struggles.  So this is where normally people ask for funding or produce their gofund me link. Not like that’s a bad thing, is just not my thing. So, don’t worry, I’m super good. The only reason I’m sharing about the book NOW is so you can rejoice with me and believe alongside me for favor. God is going to make a way for these pages to see the light of day and the only thing I’m asking is for you to do is pray. Pray for wisdom, for guidance, that God would continue to show himself faithful and ever present as I walk this out.

I’m also sharing this to inspire those who may have a hidden dream and you have yet to say YES to it’s impossibilities. Yes, I am 100% sure that you are more worried about the HOW you’re gonna see it come to fruition instead of focusing on the CALL to step into it. I have found that the journey, the cultivating the dream in hiddenness and what it grows in us is way more important then what it does for us. So whatever it it that God is calling you out to, just do it. We live in a world that says you need FUNDING before OBEDIENCE. I’m here to tell you, that blessing always follows obedience.

Redemption for us came after the cross. Sometimes you have to sacrifice your time, your passions, and being comfortable to see God move. This doesn’t mean quit your day job and stop paying your bills. This doesn’t God won’t move. That’s crazy! It means cut your cable and start writing. It means eat out less and cook at home. It means start small and God will make it big. If you aren’t cultivating your dream on secret platforms and sharing it with your inner circle, then don’t expect God to give you a public forum. I’m just sayin’, Jesus started with 12. Jesus rocked the world with just a few…God takes the minuscule and He makes it miraculous. Keep your head up, and keep dreaming big.


xo chari

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  • Reply Dusty July 4, 2017 at 12:41 am

    So excited for you! It’s such a vulnerable and courageous thing to do, huh? I’m sure will impact many people!

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