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May 31, 2012

Everyone wants to feel significant.

If I’ve learned anything in my 31 years it’s that people long to feel like they are part of something and that they matter. I understand this first hand because in my desire to feel like my life was important I chased so many things. I searched for “God’s call” and “His will” with such fervor that I lost my way.

I replaced His call with my gifts and my lofty human dreams replaced His will.

Needless to say along the journey my desire to have a significant purpose overshadowed His plan for me. I adapted and morphed into what I thought people wanted me to be and what I thought I needed to be to hold a place of significance when really my goal should have been transparency.

What I have found in this new season is a freedom through surrender that I have never thought I’d experience. The following is what God has been pouring into my heart the last 6 months :

The call on your life:
Love God, Love People. ( Luke 10:27 ) The call on your life is not a ministry service role or job title. It is and has always been to be Love.
God’s will for your life:
rejoice always, pray continually, be grateful in every circumstance. ( 1 Thess 5:16-18 ) God’s desire for us is to be near to him and through our nearness we experience the peace and joy that is only found in His presence.
Your purpose in life:
Live out love; this enables you to be the salt and light in a broken world — side note: your gifts were given to you to enhance that truth, not take it’s place. ( yep )

Paul was right when he declared that he knew nothing but Christ and Him crucified.  The call of God and His will is simple, if we just root ourselves in the truth and  simplicity of our real purpose then transparency takes place and our lives can finally be used to reflect His perfect love.

your life matters — choose love,

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