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February 4, 2019

We launched season 3 of the PODCAST this past Friday ( Feb 1.19 ), and it was the LARGEST launch ever. Not sure why, especially as I’ve never been more sick, more overwhelmed by life stuff, yet I’ve also never been more inspired. It’s funny how in the darkest moments, God’s light is always the brightest. Even this past weekend when my team at work would experience one of our most massive wins I got even worse sick and was forced to go home and get in bed and miss the most significant event in my ministry world. So on the day of our biggest event and my most significant personal win, I was in bed, in tears feeling like at any moment I’d have to make my husband drag me to the hospital.

I didn’t share this for anyone to feel bad for me, I share it to explain further the point I tried to make in my podcast.


  • I want to blame the devil for me being so sick for the last few weeks
  • I want to blame the devil for my grandfather’s untimely passing, and the aftermath
  • I want to blame the devil for the stuff out of my control

In my struggle, I tend to make the issues I’m working through KINGDOM ISSUES.

But the truth is they are just MY WORLD ISSUES.

+ I’m still sick because I don’t know how to rest

+ My grandfather’s passing, well, this one I’m still processing but I my heart I sense the brokenness of this world will continue to overshadow hope until we can make hope the loudest voice. Till then, I have to give this one up and let God work out the reasoning.

+ Everything out of my control usually happens to teach me how to trust God. It happens to show me how to release my team more and how to just let God be God.

Even more [honest moment], my issues may not start as KINGDOM, but they become kingdom when I let them


for when those three things happen, either all together or at once it changes how I deal with people. It changes how much I love and it ruins my patience. All that to say, don’t let the things that happen in this life take away the joy you have in Christ, the perspective you gain through faith, and the peace that can’t be overshadowed because peace is the person of Jesus. Next week on the podcast I’m talking perseverance, I guess God wanted me to be in the throes of this season in order to teach it…So I’ll see you guys on the other side of this.

xo Chari

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