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Lisa Bevere : Lioness Arising

October 27, 2011

The last couple months have been pretty difficult for me. I have watched some major dreams be ripped from my ninja like grip and I am currently standing and staring at a very uncomfortable and unknown place. Though I have felt God’s hand holding mine in this season, I have felt a little lost, a little confused and in definite need of direction.

This current season is such a SWITCH from what I thought I’d be doing, what I thought I was called to and has shaken me to the core. My desires for my life have been replaced with a myriad of God-dreams I never thought possible and “my call” has been redirected to God and not the task or gifting.

I feel different after reading this book. I feel like my questions have been answered and now I am about to hit the floor running! My fear of the enormity of these next steps have been replaced with amazement and awe of the task at hand. The dark doesn’t seem so dark anymore and I am embracing the next chapter. I no longer feel anxious but empowered to chase all that this unknown season has for me.

This book was Life Changing. I encourage you to read it. I have had the great pleasure and honor to meet the author and she is as real as it gets. She is transparent and her desire to see women become all they are called to be is totally the truth, it’s not just a fun book topic. She lives it.

Read the Book! It was legit!!

xo, Chari



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