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Lessons from 36

May 7, 2018

My birthday is Sunday and every year I post the hashtag lessons I learned from my year on Instagram. Last year I forgot to post them on my blog and I failed the team and didn’t post them till Decemeber!! ( cue claire danes crying face here ) This year I figured best to actually remember and post em’.

You can view the actual posts HERE, or check em out below. I look forward to unpacking each of these on the blog in 2018 or maybe in my podcast and I hope what I walked and worked through blesses you. If you want to get a preview of #lessonsfrom37 make sure to follow me on Instagram!


Cry Ugly. Talk it out. Dust yourself off. Move on. IN THIS ORDER!

Emotions aren’t a bad thing, they are what God gave us to gut check us in situations where we needed to know exactly how we feel about something.
Immaturity uses emotions as a map, maturity uses emotions as a compass. It’s a guide, not the all seeing eye. If you find yourself in a situation where your emotions are reining supreme please do the above and work it out! You’re welcome.

Wisdom without acceptance love or vision is just a different form of captivity

*wisdom from a holocaust survivor

Still processing the story told to me today by a holocaust survivor. In tears she recalled being freed to only be left with nothing, no one, and in a country that was now a communist state. It’s making me question what it means to be free, what it truly is in its various forms and how it pertains to us as believers. SO. MUCH. TO. PROCESS.

Looking up to heaven, He blessed, gave, and then broke… ( matthew 4:19 )

Early on pastor @kerriweems instilled in me the importance of perceiving [Discovery] as temporary and only the first step of God’s plan for me. She showed me that if I didn’t step into [Development] I would never be truly prepared for [Deployment]. As I read this verse in Matthew I was moved and reminded yet again the importance of the BREAKING, the development. You can’t give away what hasn’t first been blessed and broken…

Storms are the catalyst for fresh perspective ( matthew 14:22-23 )

I wonder after reading [Jesus walks on water] why the disciples then all of sudden realized Jesus was the Son of God. Did the lame and blind being healed not give off the, “Son of God” vibe? Did the 5000 He’d JUST fed from peanuts not scream “Messiah!” Makes me wonder how many storms I’ve faced that are really just storms He sent me out into because I missed the greatness of who He is in His everyday miracles.

God uses those full of faith, not those full of vision.

Culture will tell you that you need vision and context to be successful. I’ve found all you need is Jesus. You don’t need a map to conquer this life when you have a compass that is always pointing heavenward.

Don’t mistake NOT YET for NOT ALLOWED

Don’t mistake [not yet] for [not allowed]. It’s in those seasons of waiting that impatience (if not checked) will breed false promises. Stay patient, my friends.

Wisdom is cultivated in the waiting

Waiting in general has such a negative connotation yet the greatest moments of significant maturing are found in the seasons of waiting.

“There is POWER in your POSTURE”  – Pastor Elaine Owens

In my early years of ministry and life I blamed people, circumstance and everything else for whatever bad situations I stumbled into. Sadly, my response to all of those things was negative and disrespectful, and dishonoring. So as years past I changed my RESPONSE, I became flexible. My defensive and hostile posture was replaced with one rooted in an understanding that God was working in me, through me and for me.
If there is power in your posture, then let that posture be in a constant state of surrender. Even when it’s unfair, even when it’s uncomfortable, even when you feel led to defend yourself. Let your posture be surrender, if it was good enough for Jesus it’s good enough for us.

Joy can’t be stolen, but it can be given away.

Trying moments, people, and seasons have befallen us all. But whether you sustain JOY in the midst has everything to do with you and not the scenario. The only person who can steal your joy is YOU. So be diligent in guarding your heart & perspective, JOY at times is rooted in both.


An outward change of scenery will bring momentary solitude; but an inward change of perspective will grow you. Growth is always the goal.

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