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It’s NOT over.

July 10, 2016

I had to be about 14 when I fractured my ankle the first time. I was pretty into basketball as a kid and it was a big deal when I hurt myself. It was such a big deal that I screamed, threw my hands up and cried like a crazy and wailed, “It’s over, my life is over, it’s all over, my career is over!”

A little dramatic? Yep, absolutely.

I mean jeeze, I was fourteen, the only career I had was school and my trying to be a chonga. So yes, my reaction to the pain was a little over the top. Sadly, I jumped into adulthood processing pain in the same way.

If a friendship shifted or came to an end…hands went up and tears came down, IT WAS OVER!!

If there was a job change…hands went up and tears came down, IT WAS OVER!!

Someone looked at me cray…hands went up and tears came down, IT WAS OVER!!

I am stuck in traffic…hands went up and tears came down, IT WAS OVER!!

I think I saw a SPIDER! … hands went up and tears came down, IT WAS OVER!!

You get where I am going with this, right? Processing pain is so important! If you don’t learn how to embrace and process pain in a healthy way a spider will cause you to flip out and a death in the family will unravel you in a way that you won’t believe. I know this first hand because two years ago I found myself in an IT IS OVER situation and instead of doing my normal .. hands up and tears down, I said, “NOT TODAY!”

“This may be over but I am not.”

“This may be tough, but God is bigger.”

“This may feel like a break, but it’s really just a fracture.”

Not sure what pain you are walking through, or if you are still learning how to process those moments that feel like a break. Just know that if you keep your eyes on the joy set before you pain won’t cripple you, instead it will propel you forward.

Remember that you influence lives by how you navigate failures and storms, not by how well you bask in the sun. Keep your head up, its not over, whatever it is that you are facing has not knocked God off His throne, you got this!



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