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January 4, 2019

Dear Creatives:

The year is NEW and FRESH and you are either super burnt from the months behind you or excited about the newness ahead. If you are burnt and searching for inspiration don’t be the quintessential creative in search of inspiration. Instead, change the way you get inspired by learning how to live in inspired.

If you have to travel to get inspired I challenge you to stop right dab in the middle of your mundane and choose to see it with new eyes. Breathe it in with new lungs. Ask God for kingdom perspective and fall in love with it anew, or maybe for the first time. If you can’t live or find inspiration in the quicksand of the mundane, you’ll never be strong enough to encourage people out of the quicksand.

If you have to be around people to get inspired, but your community is nil or non-existent in this season, choose to embrace solitude. Embrace the closeness to your creator only solitude brings. Don’t rush out “to people” instead go find a quiet place and learn to listen. I sense God is wanting to speak to you about the next season. A community is amazing and inspiring, but so is His stillness. Don’t get stuck in having to always be around people to be inspired, if that becomes your crutch you’ll live for their voice of validation instead of your creator.

If you are like me and you are inspired by solitude, get out more. Your strength is not found in your introversion, it’s found in the ability to live outside of it. Make plan’s and don’t break them. Include people into your life and projects. A community isn’t everything, but it will be for you, specifically. Learn to be inspired by people, not the watching of them, but of the drinking in their stories and tears, and moments. I sense your creator wants to sharpen you in areas you may not have allowed him to sharpen before.

To everyone else who is searching out inspiration…

To everyone else who feels stuck, or perhaps writing down resolutions you may never complete, or a gym membership you will never utilize.

Onward, Chari

Take the day, Maybe the week, and stop to listen for where God wants to take you this year. There is so much to do, to experience, so many to love and be loved. Be encouraged, The best is ALWAYS ahead.  

If you are right with God, He strengthens you for the journey; the Eternal will be pleased with your life. Psalm 37:23 The Voice

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