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September 21, 2018

Life is made up of key choices. Most will be mundane, but others will mold you, direct you, and be with you forever. So that’s why its so important that you can discern what hills to die on, what things to say yes and no to, and what decisions really won’t matter in the end. This will be a bigger post and probably a podcast episode, but for today lets just talk through the hard yes’.

I’ll use my work as an example. I work in a creative job which means my work is personal, its time consuming, and it affects loads of people. BUT, my work isn’t dictated by me, It’s decided by my leadership. Just like in life and in the real world most things you love, that eat your time, and that affect people can and will be dictated by someone in authority over you.

NextGen — your parents, your teachers..

Young Adults — your bosses, your student loans, your commitments..

Marriages — your spouses, your children, your jobs..

You get the jest.

Side note: no matter how many people attempt to escape this truth by jobs and lives that aren’t a real thing ( i’ll tackle this another day ) you still will eventually have to be accountable to God for your loves, your time, and the people you encounter.

But that’s not the point of this post; the point is that most things, most hard yes’ ( things you HAVE to do ) in your life will help build your GRIT. That’s your can do attitude when things get hard. It’s your fortitude, and emotional maturity when you’re asked to work on or produce something you don’t necessarily like. You need grit to slay giants when everyone else is too scared, too emotional, too cultured, too qualified, too creative, too offended, too broken, too young, too old, too everything else. The truth is, God does not need you at your best, He needs me at your yes.

Yes is what God uses to kill giants.

Yes is what God uses to walk people out of slavery.

Yes is what walked out of a garden, unmoved by betrayal and onto a cross.


Practically speaking this means when you come up against a wall in life you don’t turn back and head back to Egypt, you instead start taking laps.

Practically speaking this means when you come up against a Pharaoh you don’t head back to the wilderness defeated, but you use what you have readily available to tackle the problem.

I’m not saying you have to say yes to everything HARD; just that life was never intended to be easy as easy doesn’t grow you. But I do feel led to encourage someone today that just because what you are facing is difficult doesn’t mean it’s not God. Don’t forget…

God is in the miracle business.

He’s in the impossible business


He’s in the walking you through wilderness business.

xo Chari




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