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Fear Not.

April 6, 2019

Things are happening. Like BIG things, HUGE things, stuff I prayed and believed for 20 years ago are happening. I told my husband the other day I feel like I’m on a train and its slowly moving out of the station and now I can’t get off. Yep, I’m in this season where I am watching the dreams I’ve only ever discussed and prayed for in secret come into view, and as a result, I’ve noticed fear has been trying to creep in. Keyword: Trying.

Fear sucks, for a number of reasons but mosly because it’s not from God AT ALL, and I know it. So of course as a *professional believer ( * said w/ extreme sarcasm) I know what to say and do and believe but sometimes the feeling of fear remains long after I’ve said and done all the right things.

Thankfully in the midst of me walking this all out, I stumbled upon a story I’ve read countless times before. It’s in Luke 9:43-48. In a nutshell, the disciples have experienced some pretty incredible things; miracles upon miracles have been the norm, and they’ve even been gifted with moments of deployment so they can go out an do the same awesome things they’ve seen. So here they find themselves in 9 and Jesus has just told them that the Son of Man is about to be handed over and betrayed. The disciples didn’t understand and were then too afraid to ask questions. The very next section they are fighting over who’s the greatest. What a strange segway. I wonder if Jesus was like, “Hey guys, I’m gonna die soon and be betrayed, but you go ahead an argue who among you is the greatest!” And just then the word AFRAID jumped out at me, and I was immediately reminded me of these truths that amid all the newness I somehow overlooked. So Just in case someone is out there afraid of their new season and consumed with fear of the unknown. Here are my go-to’s when I am standing face to face with fear.

Fear keeps you from understanding

I’ve done an entire podcast on the importance of being a person of understanding so, I won’t go on a tangent on this. But kingdom people UNDERSTAND. They aren’t moved by the unknown but instead embrace as they know who GOD is, they know who THEY are, and they know what their PURPOSE is.

here’s the episode for those who need a refresher course on UNDERSTANDING

Fear keeps you from asking the right questions

The transfiguration had JUST happened a few verses before the story in Luke 9 and Peter did what Peter always did and spoke out of turn, said the wrong things and looked kind of stupid. Not sure, maybe the others saw that Peter’s asking questions made him look dumb, but I’ve noticed when fear is running amuck usually the questions that come out of our mouths are drenched in fear of the unknown. But when you’re firmly rooted in your KINGDOM understanding the questions you ask will be graced with peace and in the right timing. Don’t be scared to ask questions, be more concerned your not asking the RIGHT questions, in the RIGHT timing, and with the perfect amount of GRACE.

Fear keeps you focused on your greatness instead of God’s greatness

I heard Bill Johnson preach a message on perspective once and he said that you always see the world through two filters, fear and love. And I am pretty certain since the disciples where already fearful of what they’d seen, fearful of what was to come, and too fearful to ask for clarity that they found themselves arguing about things that aren’t a thing. So don’t let fer be your filter, don’t let non-kingdom issues be your focus. And if you don’t know HOW to do this listen to the podcast below.

Fear Not! Cheering you on. xo Chari

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