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Dear 2014

December 26, 2014

Dear 2014,

I know this may sound weird, but about three months ago I wished you gone.  Three months ago I wished you never happened and cursed you to the heavens and back. I am pretty sure I also referred to you as “the worst year ever!” And you have to admit, you haven’t been the kindest. Let’s be honest, there have been some huge wins, but you’ve been tough to deal with and have caused me some heartache along the way. But I digress, I am not writing this to tell you how awful you’ve been, I am writing to say thank you. I know, shocker! But it’s true, thank you.

// Thank you for reminding me of who I am, and that Jesus is all I need to survive this life.

// Thank you for teaching me to live in the now because tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone.

// Thank you for reminding me to give longer hugs, to kiss the faces of the ones I love and thank you for the reminder that it’s the little things that really matter. EMBRACE THE LITTLE THINGS! I got it, duly noted!

// Thank you for teaching me about eternity. I never really understood it till now.

// Thank you for reminding me that I was meant for  heaven and my entire life will be lived in exile. 2014, you will be my the constant reminder that miracles and lions den victories ONLY happen in exile. #ExileLogic

// Thank you for showing me that in life we are never meant to peak but thrive. Thank you for teaching me that peaking leaves accolades and thriving leaves a legacy!

// Thank you for teaching me what legacy truly is. It was a game changer.

// Thank you for teaching me to hear God’s whisper even when everything else in my life is so loud.

// Thank you for the dark. It helped me understand what it really means to be a light in the darkness. And for that, I am forever grateful.

// Thank you for teaching me to see the MASSIVE blessings and EPIC favor that I’ve experienced even in the craziness of the storms.

// Thank you for the storms, because it taught me what happiness truly is, what peace really feels like and how to rest.

// Thank you for rain, because after the rain came refreshing.

// Thank you for the impossible moments, they reignited my prayer life and kept me on my knees.

// Thank you for leaving me undone,  it keeps me focused on the one who restores all things. I see whatcha did there

// Finally, thank you for reminding me that my life was never meant to be anything else than a burning bush in the wilderness. I was never meant to be anything else then an expression of God’s presence and voice on the earth that causes people to see and surrender to God. Burning bush…wilderness…I got it.

( insert sigh here )

Also, if you could possibly give me a breather in 2015 that would be awesome, but if not than note CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. Tell 2015 I am going to hit the ground running and I don’t plan on stopping.


see you on the flip side,



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