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Dear 2017

December 29, 2017


It’s me.

Sooo…this is awkward, you’re coming to an end, and I feel like we just found our rhythm. Isn’t that like most things though? Just when you feel like you know what’s next there is a plot twist. But that’s okay cause I can say we somehow survived each other. I endured your onslaught of change, and you lovingly embraced my eye rolls and my lousy attitude. So we both win, I guess. Either way, 2017, you were a win for me. You taught me to live in the here and now and you broke down sacrifice for me. You held down some of my greatest dreams realized and some of my most significant professional triumphs. I guess I should just say thank you, yes, thank you. Wasn’t sure we’d make it but we did. We nailed it. If you could maybe tell your homie 2018 to feel free to bring the ruckus that would be dope, also, if you see 2014 around there anywhere just give em’ a good ol’ karate chop for me. Yep, so that’s it, thank you for your consistency and your poking and prodding and for making me better.

Cheers to you 2017, you went out swinging.

See you on the flip side,

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