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Current Rumblings – Have Mercy

February 18, 2015

I wrote this song in the last part of 2014. I have sat on it for weeks hoping that God would change the lyrics and then I heard Peter Scazzero say that,  at times you have to lead from your brokenness. So here we find ourselves and the lyrics have stayed the same. This song has been a bit of my silent anthem in this season where the name of Jesus is closer to me than ever before, where life has left me a bit broken, but my heart remains in love and in desperate need of Him. LIFE LESSON: Sometimes you need a little breaking to remind you that He is the potter, you are the clay and at any point He will re-set you upon the wheel for molding.



At times  I feel like Eve
my heart has been deceived
but even in the darkest nights
Lord, I felt you hold me tight and my heart cried out

Jesus, Jesus, How I need you
My heart in broken beyond repair
Jesus, Jesus, son of David
Oh have mercy on me here, Oh have mercy on me

Surrender you’ve found me
on my knees you’ve found me
but even though the thunder roars
you pull me closer Lord and my heart cries out

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