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16 Months, 16 Lessons | Change

June 29, 2016

If you’ve followed this blog at all or if you personally know me you’ll already know that I am big on context; and as I near the 4 year mark of coming on staff at celebration church I’ve began to reflect on what has been the most life changing parts and what it’s taught me. I spent the first 16 months on staff as Pastor Kerri’s executive assistant and it was the most transformational season in my life. When the journey began I was already a bit of a fan girl and gleaned from her wisdom while serving in Sisterhood, but to get to be her assistant, that was my dream job! It’s still my dream job, and if she’d let me, I’d do it all over again. You should know I’ve asked several times, she has lovingly and repeatedly said no.

So below you will find the 1 of 16 lessons I learned sitting under the wisdom of my Pastor, mentor and friend, Kerri Weems.

16 months. 16 lessons. My perspective. In no particular order.




When I became PK’s assistant I’d been leading worship at a pretty high level. I felt the Holy Spirit whisper that change was needed and immanent so when I became her assistant I stopped leading worship so I could learn the position and serve alongside her during the weekend experience. It sounds super noble and responsible, right? Yea, it looked like that on the outside but the change really did a number on my identity. I’d spent so many years engulfed in leading worship that when change came calling I didn’t even know who I was without my guitar. Pastor Kerri saw that it was difficult for me and one day while at work, she said,


“Change is a by-product of growth..if you don’t embrace the change, you won’t grow.”

She then went on to encourage and remind me that I was a daughter of God before anything else…

before the worship leader…
before the wife…
before the graphic designer…
I was His daughter and these shifts were meant to bring me closer to the realization that if everything went away and all I had left was God, then I was winning. I was 30 years old when she spoke those words over me. And now at 35 I try to teach and repeat that life lesson to my team, those I mentor and now to you…


If change shakes your identity to the core then your identity is probably wrapped up in what you do and not who created you.

So if you find yourself today wrapped in some form of life change that is shaking you, breaking you and trying to mold you, embrace it. That change that you are wrestling with could be the very thing that God is using to grow you.

True Story,

xo Chari

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  • Reply Lacrisa June 29, 2016 at 11:56 am

    This helps me on so many levels. As a mom I have an adult now and that is a BIG change. I have a part time job and that is a change I did not plan. My hubby and I are now having to start taking care of parents. My life feels like nothing but change. God is the only thing you can ever count on to be the same. Thank you for this post.

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