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November 5, 2017

Some lady I don’t know asked me the other day If i’d been fired from my job because I hadn’t been on the stage recently. So much yikes! She then cupped my face. Huge wins to that tiny woman who won the gold metal for most awkward encounter of my October 2017.  Well, I am here. I have just had a super busy fall. I spoke at a creative conference with @crtvchurch and it was amazing!! My team, alongside some of our our other epic creatives rocked the SHINE women’s conference, also, I stepped into some more leadership and I’ve been trying to navigate that. Then there’s the awesomness that my book is finally finished. So, I have been writing A LOT just not here. So, if you’ve wondered if i’d been kidnapped or if I was in a hole somewhere, take heart, I’m fine just working hard on world domination.

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xo Chari



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