It’s Black & White

August 19, 2016

When you’re a kid justice looks a lot like revenge. Of course it should look like this because when you’re a kid processing injustice is a hard thing to navigate. I have found in my life justice has been something I’ve always fought for. Whether it was fighting bullies in elementary school to fighting sex traffickers in my 20’s, justice in some form or another has always been a goal.

But, if I’m completely transparent I’d have to admit that in the fight many times I lost my way. I lost my way because even when I was wronged or treated poorly I desired justice before reconciliation. Which I guess is a normal feeling. I mean, I’m human, and my humanity has always needed some kind of righting to the wrongs.

Truthfully, if you live your life waiting for wrongs to be corrected than sadly you’ll get stuck, I got stuck. Not for a long time, but for enough time to see the lesson in it.  See the great thing about being stuck is that if you choose to see the obstacle as an opportunity you’ll hear God in the midst of whatever injustice you find yourself in. And when He speaks, and He will speak,  He’ll whisper words of wisdom that can grow you and propel you forward.


Immaturity looks forward to others getting what they deserve, maturity allows love to lead the way.


This lesson has been a hard one to embrace since I’m big on justice and processes and lets face it I am very black and white. But thankfully the only lines Jesus drew in the sand where ones that portrayed mercy and compassion and a kingdom mindset. A kingdom mindset says loving people is better than being right about people. So not sure what wrong you’re trying to right today but just know this…


  1. Being right doesn’t make you feel better, it just makes you right.
  2. Watching someone fail doesn’t make you the winner, it makes you a spectator.
  3. Love should always be your first choice, and that my friends is black and white.


xo Chari

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