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Broken Seasons

February 5, 2019

I grew up in a spiritual climate that said if you were broken, you couldn’t lead. You had to be whole, and righteous, and brokenness no matter in which form you experienced it would banish you to the undesirables. And you would be in that group until you were no longer deemed broken. Moral failures where met with a public forum and verbal flogging. Inexperience was mistaken for lack of the Holy Spirit and boisterous YES MEN were promoted above the quietly faithful. So it taught me to hide my brokenness, I hid my lack in sarcasm and jokes. I hid my darkest secrets underneath my gifting. Instead of surrendering my life TO God, I served His cause in hopes that the need to surrender would be overlooked. Funny thing is, God has always used the broken. It’s actually what HE does. Thankfully He planted me in a soil that LOVED the broken, helped unravel the darkest parts, and then once all was revealed in the LIGHT surrender came easy.

I only share this because I AM CERTAIN there are people who read my posts that feel unworthy to step into all God has for them because there are broken pieces of their life that they perceive as a set back. But as I read Matthew 14 ( Jesus fed the 5000 ) today something jumped out kn regards to being broken.

  1. John the baptist had just been murdered and when Jesus HEARD this he sought a quiet place to seek HIS father.
  2. When the multitudes HEARD this ( I am going to believe they heard what Jesus heard, and that he walked away ) they immediately sought after JESUS.

LESSON 1: Brokenness and loss ( even for JESUS ) should lead you back to God. Spiritual maturity will see that you’re in a broken moment and cause you to WANT TO SEEK GOD. If you are not seeking God in your broken moments, you’re not broken, you’re disobedient. Just sayin’.

3. the Disciples HEARD and missed the whole moment. They spent the whole time complaining and wanting the people to leave as dinner was coming up on them.

LESSON 2: No matter how close you are to JESUS your FLESHLY DESIRES ( hunger and various other things )  can totally cause you miss out on what He is actually doing. So Stay aware, your broken parts are hidden or no longer broken, and if you aren’t self-aware you’ll forget God needs these type of people and situation to unveil a miracle.

4. Jesus was moved to compassion. Cause that’s what GRIEF met with SURRENDER TO THE FATHER does… It makes you remove yourself from your circumstance and positions your eyes on others.

5. He then takes the ONLY thing available ( which wasn’t much ) and He blessed and broke and then gave away the miracle 

LESSON 3: Brokenness doesn’t count you out… actually, you can’t give away what hasn’t first been blessed and broken

It’s okay to have a moment of brokenness, ( keyword: MOMENT ) God can use you THERE. But there is a choice right, the beginning of the moment where you have to choose to view the moment as an opportunity for God to use you and GIVE a miracle away.

The best is ahead.

Keep your head up…

xo Chari

*re-post / re-write from Aug 2017

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