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March 17, 2019

When I was fourteen, a preacher came to the church I grew up in. I remember he was incredibly animated, blond, and had a South African accent. He spent a good forty-five minutes preaching about the Holy Spirit, but everything in my spirit felt like what he was saying was incorrect. I always had a strong, sound doctrinal background, and even at a young age I knew this guy was a little off.

After an hour and thirty minutes he looked around the room and began calling on people to pray for them. There were hundreds of people watching and they seemed totally sold and completely enamored. But for some reason, my heart hurt. Something did not sit well within me. Finally, he walked over to me and asked me to stand in front of everyone. “I want to pray for you,” he said.

I smiled but I did not stand. He was close enough to hear me say, “No, thank you.” He seemed super confused as he again asked me to stand. He then very casually said (over the microphone), “Do you not want to be blessed?”

I can’t even tell you how many times in my life I have found myself in this kind of situation.

*This scenario got worse before it got better, but I’ll never forget it for as long as I live because it was the first time I ever stood up for what I believed in regarding my faith and what I felt God was speaking to me directly.

This was my first experience in living boldly for Christ.

As the years progressed my boldness was misunderstood, and a lot of times it was rooted in pride. But after many years of failing at living totally devoted, God showed me what true boldness was and how to execute it in His righteousness and with integrity. As Christians we are called to live bold, uncompromising lives totally devoted to loving God, and loving his people. It should be something we desire, something we chase. In my pursuit I have found that boldness that impacts and accesses the kingdom is rooted in the following three things:

Know God
Our faith should be current. Our relationship with the living God should be something you are cultivating daily. We will never be able to successfully stand or accurately hear from God if we don’t call him, friend.

Know Who You Are
You will never know who you really are until you really know who Jesus is. We are fashioned for purpose and equipped for success. Unfortunately, when we struggle with finding our identity outside of Christ, we become blind to our real-life goal. You were destined to be a lover of the Most High and a funnel of his love to the broken. Once we grasp that concept life no longer becomes a strain or something we have to conquer; our lives then become pieces of the puzzle that enable us to be more like God.

Know Where You’re Headed When your faith is current and you have an intimate relationship with God, you gain a Godly perspective, a map to navigate people, and true life. Remember that without vision people parish ( Prov 29:18 ). Get some vision. Be certain in what you are called to do ( LOVE ) and where you’re headed. When the time comes where what you’re doing or what you’re dreaming gets questioned, you will boldly know how to answer. Be encouraged…
xo Chari

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