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May 30, 2012

When I was in high school I skipped class a lot! I never left school I just sat in Ms. Mullins class. She was a freshman English teacher and my whole senior year was spent bringing her Cuban coffee and frequenting the local carrabbas where she would pour into my life and remind me that that I wasn’t an under achiever but that I had potential. I always ordered the pasta carrabba and she would order the pasta weesie, she then would spend the next ten minutes altering the order. It became a joke between us. She was 27 years old, I was 17….and even then I knew that her impact on my world would follow me into the rest of my life.

Yesterday she sat across from me at yet another Italian restaurant and we laughed as we ordered our food and dialogued about where life had taken us in the last 14 years. She hasn’t aged, she is still just as lovely and brilliant. I sat across from this epic woman and wondered if I’d ever made an impact on the life of a young person the way she so selflessly did for me. As I sat across from her for the umpteenth time I felt inspired yet again to not only press harder towards the call to be love, but to chase the call with excellence.

There was a break during dinner where I took the opportunity to thank her for what she did for me when I was seventeen.  I told her that my life would not have been the same with out her and that I hope that where I am in life made her proud. In mid sentence she she reached across the table like she had so many times before, grabbed my face with tears in her eyes and kissed my forehead.

This past weekend Steven Furtick preached about being grateful, ( you can watch the message here ) and I know that the seed this woman sowed into my life changed me and I am forever grateful. She taught me how to see people beyond their current state and to be excellent in my faith through love. Mullins pushed me to have a better work ethic, and I truly believe my desire to succeed and make my life count was because she reminded me everyday that I was capable of great things.

So thank you Ms. Mullins. I pray my life would impact the next generation with love and enthusiasm the way your life impacted mine.




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