About Chari

Charise Orozco ( everyone just calls her Chari, pronounced Cha-dee, just to help you out) is part of @celebrationcreative and serves as the Design & Film Director at Celebration Church in Jacksonville, Florida. She is passionate about sharing the love of Jesus, as well as using her gifts of speaking, writing, and design to reach people and positively impact the lives of those around her.

Chari has also teamed up with the crtvchurch podcast network to launch, I CRY IN CORNERS. This show is designed to encourage those navigating leadership, ministry, creativity, and all the awkward life stuff in the middle. When she is not working to steward the opportunity God gave her to serve the local church, you can find her reading too many books at once and hanging out with her husband Esteban who also serves on staff at Celebration Church.